Skagway Fishing Charters

When your cruise ship docks and you’re looking for a Fishing Charter for a fun-filled trip – Think of Skagway Fishing Charters.

Skagway Fishing Charters, docked in the Skagway Small Boat Harbor, is only minutes away from the prime fishing locations of the Lynn Canal. Skagway Fishing Charters recognizes you are aboard to fish, not to cruise the canal. The canal reaches depths of over 1,000 feet in the Lynn Canal which is a splendid area for the Salmon to prosper. The probability of catching King Salmon is greatly increased when using electric downriggers. Skagway Fishing Charters uses downriggers for 1 and only 1 reason – King Salmon are typically caught at a depth of 30 ft. or deeper.

Skagway Fishing Charters supplies all the gear, equipment, bait, and experience to land your prize Salmon.

Why is Skagway Alaska a good location for a fishing charter? Fishing the Upper Lynn Canal promises the fishing experience of a lifetime. A small fleet of experienced fishing captains operate independently of the cruise lines which helps keep the prices down. There are no commercial fishing ships working out of Skagway, which will not hinder the hunt for the Big King. Skagway’s hatchery creates a second run of Kings that grow big and are plentiful from May through September. Skagway fishing offers KING Salmon – the prize catch of Alaska! Bringing in a prize salmon will be the highlight of your Alaska experience. Skagway Fishing Charters offers a full range of options for processing and shipping your salmon. Enjoy the taste of Alaska at home with a fish YOU CAUGHT with Skagway Fishing Charters.